3.0 2018/03/08

  • Introduce rdoxygen2 commands in the R functions for easier and cleaner contruction of the documentation.
  • Include the possibility to plot results from the ICON model.
  • Replaced fixed variable names like HSURF and FR_LAND by their CF standard_name.

v2.1.3 2018/02/22

correct bug in plotting flag_values and flag_meanings
affected modules:

  • plotmap.R
  • plot_colourbar.R

v2.1.2 2018/02/20

correct bug for plotting wrong right triangle color in the color bar plot_colourbar.R

v2.1.1 2018/01/15

Correct the DESCRIPTION file

v2.1 2018/01/15

Removed: plotmap.old.R

Replaced: ncdf_times.R by nccf_times.R

In colfun.R

  • Fixed errors in get.ethz.palette and get.ncar.palette

In plot_colourbar.R

  • new options border, triangle_ends. Option sea.lab now given through plotmap options to be constistent with sea.col

In plotmap.R

  • new options sea.lab and lakes, changed option name scale_factor to scale.factor

In polymask.R

  • added support for multiple polygons

In windvec.R

  • added new option legend.scale

ncdf4Utils version 2.0

Changed functions:


  • Has been rewritten in large parts. It should work now not just for geographical and rotated model coordinates, by for most structured grids, if additional geographic lat/lon data are provided for the model grid.
  • An additional small model area can no longer be plotted. For this plot a rectangle of the small model area over the plot or use the old version plotmap.old

New Options

  • units - default=NULL (overwrites the units from the netCDF file)
  • longname - default=NULL (overwrites the longname from the netCDF file)
  • add.offset - default=0
  • scale.factor - default=1
  • geo.coordinate.names - default=c("lon,"lat") 2D fields of the geographical longitude and latitude at the model grid points

Removed Options

  • file.small
  • sponge.small
  • lsm.file.small

New functions:


  • plots wind vectors over a given plot


  • converts geographical coordinates to model coordinates


  • gets a palette from the web page


  • gets a palette from the web page

Depecreated functions:

The old version of the function plotmap is now called plotmap.old. This function will stay as is and will not be further developped.

ncdf4Utils version 1.1

Changed functions:


  • corrected a bug preventing sea color to be blue by default
  • new parameter "smoothed". If set to "T" the plot will be smoothed.

ncdf4Utils version 1.0

Changed functions:


  • corrected bug in case of grid.txt=T
  • eliminated artificial straight lines across the plot showing up under some circumstances
  • eliminated errors plotting grid and writing grid labels in some cases when the date line or/and a pole lies in the plotting area

New functions:


  • creates a mask file from a given polygon

ncdf4Utils version 0.5-3

Changed functions:


  • Introduced new paramenter "pollonshift" to account for pollat=90, pollon=180 (TRUE, default) and pollat=90, pollon=0 (FALSE) representing rotated == geographical grid


  • Introduced new paramenter "pollonshift" to account for pollat=90, pollon=180 (TRUE, default)and pollat=90, pollon=0 (FALSE) representing rotated == geographical grid
  • Corrected error in case pollat=90, pollon /= 0., pollonshift=FALSE

ncdf4Utils version 0.5-2

Changed functions:


  • changed default time from CET to UTC
  • changed input format of reference time to %Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%


  • changed label "sea" to "water"
  • Direction of the axis description now depends on which side the axis is plotted.


  • Grid labels can be set on and of for each axis separately
  • New parameter grid.lwd for the line width of the grid
  • Missing reading of attribute earth_radius for multiple_rotated_pole transformation added
  • Distinguish for 3D variables whether the third dimension is time or level

ncdf4Utils version 0.5-1

Removed functions:


  • is no longer necessary since ncdf4 package (version >= 1.6.1)


  • the new plotmap.R function includes rotated coordinates

Changed functions:


  • calculates the special case pollat=90.,pollon=0.,polgam=0. (i.e. same geographical coordinates) now logically (no longer pollat=90.,pollon=180.,polgam=0. or pollat=90.,pollon=0.,polgam=180.for geographical coordinates)


  • This function has been re-written and includes (and thus replaces) the former plotmap.R and plotmap_rot.R functions. The new function now decides on the existance and value of the grid mapping parameter in the netCDF file
  • A new grid mapping for multiple rotated pole has been added.
  • A new option is available: "na.col". The colour of undefined grid pixels is defined by this option. By default it is transparent.

New functions:


  • Transforms geographical to multiple rotated pole coordinates (usage: geo2multirot) or multiple rotated pole to geographical coordinates (usage: multirot2geo)

ncdf4Utils version 0.4-10

initial version in netCDF4 based on netCDF3 version ncdfUtils