The starter package is written for the HRLE–3 Mistral at DKRZ. Additional changes need to be applied on other machines. On the Mistral the Simple Linux Utility for Resource Management SLURM ist installed.

To install the starter package, follow these steps:

  1. Copy the starter package from RedC.
  1. Unpack the starter package:
tar -xzvf cclm-sp-v3.1.1.tgz
mv cclm-sp-v3.1.1 yourpath/cclm-sp

  1. Copy and unpack the supplementary data files for testing the starter package (the program wget needs to be installed on your system)
cd yourpath/cclm-sp/data

  1. Adjust the settings in the file system_settings to your computer system.
  1. Change into the cclm-sp directory and initialize the package.
cd yourpath/cclm-sp

This will set the help environment variable $SPDIR to yourpath/cclm-sp and replaces all dummy paths in the starter package by this path. A set of place holders in the form ?{initname} will be changed, too.

If you move the whole yourpath/cclm-sp directory to a different yourpath after running you have to change the paths by hand. Look into the script to see which files are affected.

The examples are built in a way that everything will be stored under the directory tree starting with $SPDIR. Running all examples and keeping all files will need about 50 GB disk space.