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The directory $TSDIR/src/graphics/R/ contains the R scripts for creating the default plots and the additional R-packages needed. At DKRZ just run the install script:
cd $TSDIR/src/graphics/R

On other systems you may have to adopt the INSTALL script. Maybe you have to add additional R-packages from CRAN.
The following scripts are currently called through

  • cts-main.Rs – The main script which called from This script calls all other scripts listed below.
  • area-bias.Rs – Temporal bias over the whole simulation period.
  • annual-cycle-bias.Rs – Bias in the mean annual cycle for all sub regions.
  • colorbar.Rs – Defines standard color bars.
  • avss.Rs – Added value skill score
  • pss.Rs – Pdf skill score
  • qq pdf.Rs – qq plot and probability density function
  • taylor-diagram-spatial.Rs – Taylor diagram for the spatial distribution in each sub region from temporal mean data over the simulation period.
  • taylor-diagram-temporal.Rs – Taylor diagram for the temporal (daily) distribution in each sub region from spatial mean data over the sub region.

For more details on the output of the scripts visit the "Output Results" section of the climatological test suite.
When you run the reference version, only the area bias and annual cycle bias are plotted. The observational values are taken from the EOBS data set.
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