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v1.5 - 2018/02/02

Includes CCLM version cosmo_131108_5.00_clm10

The climatological part is adapted to starter package version 2.7

Fixed error:

The recently (version 1.4) introduced intentionally empty directory utils was not extracted from the GIT archive. This causes an error during the initialization of the starter package.


in job_settings

defined new environment variable COMPUTER_SYSTEM

in subchain

  • changed environment variable name G_TITLE to COMPUTER_SYSTEM
  • corrected length of CURRENT_DATE

Use the same as in the starter package

v1.4 - 2018/01/05

Climatological Testsuite
  • The and samoa.list files in the experiment directory templates are moved to the experiment directory utils.

  • Syntax for the python print command has been changed to cover also latest python versions.

  • in post.job.tmpl

    • The functions for building time series are now in the separate file
    • Changes to make the functions compatible with latest CDO versions.
  • in eval.job.tmpl

    • Changes to make the functions compatible with latest CDO versions.
Technical Testsuite
  • align with the technical testsuite v2.2 of MeteoSuisse/C2SM

added source code for int2lm_131101_2.00_clm4 to be compatible with the latest recommended int2lm version.


v1.3 - 2017/08/31


Climatological Testsuite
  • align the subchain scripts with those in the starter package v2.5
Technical Testsuite
  • align with the technical testsuite v2.1 of MeteoSuisse/C2SM
  • add tests for parallel netCDF I/O
  • technical changes in the SAMOA scripts
  • in R graphic scripts
  • correct calculation of PMSL in annual-cycle-bias.Rs
  • rename ESBSS (Equal Sided Brier Skill Score) to AVSS (Added Value Skill Score)
  • add library calls for DKRZ mistral in cts-main.Rs
  • add special treatment for DKRZ mistral: install only libraries which are not already available on DKRZ mistral
  • a few technical changes

v1.2 - 2017/02/24

In the last version empty directories where not included, which produces errors when compiling and running. These directories are now included.


Observation data for the climatological test suite and input data for the technical testsuite are no longer part of the package. The necessary data can be downloaded with the script You find this script in the directory scripts.


cfu get_hours

The number of hours was not correctly calculated between the last but one day of a month and the first day of the next month. This may only lead to errors in cases when the subchain is run in sub-monthly chunks and the last chunk is 2 days.

v1.1 - 2017/02/02


decomposition test in the technical test suite

Changes technical testsuite:


decomposition test added

Changes climatological testsuite:


  • correct the NOUTDIR loop to account for values larger than 7
  • the date of separate starts of prep, int2lm, arch and prep can now be given in a shorter way as YYYYMM
  • prep and int2lm can now be called without a date argument. In that case the date is taken from date.log.


  • rewordings in the comments


  • correct the NOUTDIR loop to account for values larger than 7


  • write temporary files to ${TSDIR}/cts/scratch/${EXPID}/tmp instead of ${TSDIR}/cts/scratch

v1.0 - 2016/09/14

Initial Version

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