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The COSMO-CLM test suite was developed to support the judgement of new model developments as described in

  • the COSMO standards for source code development (CSCD)
  • the steps of source code development (for developers, Appendix D of CSCD)
  • the development report (Appendix F of CSCD)
However, once installed it may also be used to create a (relative) fast first check of new model versions, namelist settings and so forth.
The test suite comprises two parts:

  1. The technical test suite
    In this part technical tests are performed, e.g. Does the model runs at all? Are there differences to the reference version? Does the restart works? The technical test suite uses the MeteoSwiss test suite (see user guide in directory tts/doc).
  2. The climatological test suite
    In this part a five year simulation with the CCLM is performed. The results are compared to the reference version. Some of the comparisons can be plotted at the end of the simulation. The climatological test suite uses the subchain scripts from the COSMO-CLM Starter Package

 This user guide describes only the use of the Technical Test Suite by Meteo Suiss and the subchain scripts from the COSMO-CLM Starter Package for the COSMO-CLM Test suite. For details please read the user guides of the two packages.

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