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The technical test suite has been developed at Meteo Swiss. The description in this chapter is on the specific application of the technical test suite for testing new versions of COSMO-CLM. The original user guide can be found in the directory tts/doc.
The main goal of the test suite is to check the technical correctness of a COSMO model version (see section Section 6.5 of the COSMO coding standards). The test suite is implemented using the Python programming language. Based on a set of given model configurations (which can be defined by the user), the test suite creates modifications of this configuration and launches a short simulation for each of the new configurations. The software than verifies that:
• the simulations runs without aborting or crashing
• the results are identical with respect to a reference simulation
• the code gives bit identical results with different processor configurations or I/O configurations
• restart functionality is working and gives bit identical results
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