v3.1.1 2019/04/16

  • correction in the file src/samoa/

  • replace INT2LM-v2.05_clm by INT2LM-v2.05_clm2

v3.1 2019/04/16

in cfu

  • functions check_files.f90 and check_files_iso.f90 modified for better structure of the check_files.log file

in subchain

  • include notification email in the sbatch settings in case slurm job fails


  • introduce a better check file handling


  • remove the time_bnds variable from instantaneous time series
  • remove the values of variables that include time in their cell_methods attribute for time step 0.

v3.0 2019/02/18

This version contains a major restruction. The sed commands in the subchain scripts have been removed since they are a relict of the first subchain versions where the environment variable settings are made in the subchain script itself. From the versions where the environment settings are put together in the file job_settings this was no longer necessary. This has two major impacts:

  1. there are no more variables in the form @{VARIABLE} in the job scripts,
  2. it is no need for templates anymore, the templates are now scripts and you find them in the directory scripts, the directory templates has been removed. The scripts in the scripts directory are the same as their predecessors in the template directory except @{VARIABLE} is now ${VARIABLE} and a pre-settings section at the beginning of the script which includes the job_settings file.
  3. Variables that are set in the subchain script and cannot be transferred to the scripts via the job_settings file are transferred via the batch command.

v2.7 2018/01/23

Fixed error:

The recently (version 2.6) introduced intentionally empty directory utils was not extracted from the GIT archive. This causes an error during the initialization of the starter package.

  • Added a "./" before the subchain call.
  • Added yncglob_institution in the namelist in cclm.job.tmpl
  • different organisation of time series on pressure- and z-levels in post.job.tmpl
  • include z-levels above sea level and above surface in

v2.6.1 2018/01/18

The following was changed due to a wrong environment setting in 2.6

in job_settings

defined new environment variable COMPUTER_SYSTEM

in subchain

changed environment variable name G_TITLE to COMPUTER_SYSTEM

v2.6 2017/12/15

The and samoa.list files in the experiment directory templates are moved to the experiment directory utils.

Syntax for the python print command has been changed to cover also latest python versions.

in post.job.tmpl

  • The functions for building time series are now in the separate file
  • Changes to make the functions compatible with latest CDO versions.
  • At the end of the simulation test if all post process jobs finished successfully
  • New functions have been implemented (based on scripts by Klaus Keuler and Ronny Petrik):
    • windspeed10M
    • derotatewind10M
    • winddir10M
    • snowfraction
    • addfields ASWDIR_S ASWDIFD_S ASWD_S
    • subtractfields ASOD_T ASOB_T ASOU_T
    • addfields RUNOFF_S RUNOFF_G RUNOFF_T
    • addfields RAIN_CON SNOW_CON PREC_CON
    • addfields SNOW_GSP SNOW_CON TOT_SNOW
    • addfields TQC TQI TQW
    • windspeedp
    • windspeedz
    • derotatewindz
    • derotatewindp
    • winddirp
    • winddirz

in arch.job.tmpl

add an if clause for ITYPE_INT2LM==1


v2.5 2017/08/17


  • Rename all empty files .empty to .gitignore.

  • For DKRZ mistral:

  • Replace batch command

#SBATCH --nodes=@{NODES}


#SBATCH --partition=@{PARTITION} #SBATCH --cpus-per-task=@{CPU_PER_TASK}

allowing the use of compute and compute2 partition

  • in subchain
    • replace mkdir ${WORKDIR}/${EXPID}/restarts by mkdir ${RESDIR}
    • replace piping through cut by sub-string definition
    • changes for batch commands for DKRZ mistral
  • in arch.job.tmpl
    • do not submit the CCLM job for the next month in case the INT2LM job is not yet finished
  • in cclm.job.tmpl
    • change in batch commands for DKRZ mistral
    • remove some tuning settings
  • in int2lm.job.tmpl
    • change in batch commands for DKRZ mistral
  • in post.job.tmpl
    • The files holding the constant fields without sponge zone are renamed from cclm_const to ${EXPID}
  • in step_by_step/cclm_to_cclm/
    • Empty directories log_cclm and log_int2lm added.
  • in and
    • change a few environment variables for the initial settings

v2.4 2017/02/24


In the last version empty directories where not included, which produces errors when compiling and running. These directories are now included.

cfu get_hours

The number of hours was not correctly calculated between the last but one day of a month and the first day of the next month. This may only lead to errors in cases when the subchain is run in sub-monthly chunks and the last chunk is 2 days.

v2.3 2016/12/13


  • Script to copy a test data sets for boundary conditions and external data.

  • templates for ERA20C and JRA55 reanalysis data in extensions/boundary_data



  • correct the NOUTDIR loop to account for values larger than 7
  • the date of separate starts of prep, int2lm, arch and prep can now be given in a shorter way as YYYYMM
  • prep and int2lm can now be called without a date argument. In that case the date is taken from date.log.


  • corrections in templates for ERA40, ERAInterim, NCEP1

Several small corrections and changes

v2.2 2016/09/12

  • Support of additional file format YYYYMMDDHHmmss



  • The SAMOA scripts are now part of the source code directory src (!) This is a modified SAMOA version with the possibility to exclude the boundary zone from the checking process.

Batch Commands

  • added the following line to the batch commands in the *job.tmpl files: #SBATCH --mail-type=FAIL


Initialization of the starter package:

  • The general settings have to be adjusted in the new file system_settings

  • now calls the script in the new directory scripts

  • The new script resets the changes of and deletes files and directories which are not part of the original starter package (see also for the delete commands).


  • Version 1.3 includes necessary changes to support the file definition YYYYMMDDHHmmss in addition to YYYYMMDDHH


  • Include necessary changes to support the file definition YYYYMMDDHHmmss in addition to YYYYMMDDHH


  • NBOUNDCUT environment variable is set here instead in post.job.tmpl. It is also used for the SAMOA check.
  • The output intervals in HOUT_INC are now given in the form hh:mm:ss for a better support of the YYYYMMDDHHmmss output file format.


  • Added NBOUNDCUT to the file check with SAMOA.
  • Introduce of new enviroment variable NOUTDIR2 as replacement for NOUTDIR where two digit values are needed. This is necessary to allow more than eight output intervals.


  • Output intervals are now in number of time steps instead of hours.
  • The number of time steps are calculated from HOUT_INC and DT.


  • In case of file definition YYYYMMDDHHmmss add 0000 to the caf file names.
  • chain/extensions/boundary_data/erainterim/templates/int2lm.job.tmpl corrected the values for czml_soil_in

v2.1 2016/01/29


cosmo_131108_5.00_clm5 replaced by cosmo_131108_5.00_clm8

v2.0 2015/09/15

This version is adjusted to the DKRZ super computer using SLURM batch commands

New: File job_settings This file includes the settings of environment variables formerly included in the subchain script.


in all scripts

  • set default shell to bash
  • changed batch commands to sbatch
  • changed run command for INT2LM and CCLM binaries to srun
  • call subchain from within its directory

in subchain

  • due to the transfer of environemt variable seetings into the job_settings file mo more changes are needed in subchain (except for the first general setup on your computing system).
  • now runs in the bash shell
  • subchain has to be called from within its directory
  • safety check for basename == EXPID
  • added missing environment parameters into subchain in sp002 for cclm nested into cclm
  • the subchain files for sp001 (gcm to cclm) and sp002 (cclm to cclm) are now identical
  • added "-p" option when creating the scratch directory
  • added some echo commands in the templates

in arch.job.tmpl

  • several changes when calling SAMOA scripts

in cclm.job.tmpl

  • changed default value of dt for 0.44 grid width from 360s to 300s
  • include automatic setting of parameters LASYNC_IO and NUM_IOPE_PERCOMM in case of parallel netCDF output
  • changed several namelist settings due to different CCLM version

in int2lm.job.tmpl

  • changed several namelist settings due to different INT2LM version

v1.5 2015/01/08

arch.job.tmpl and post.job.tmpl are separated scripts again due to better readability and stability The script clean is no longer available. Instead the cleaning can be performed by the command subchain clean Only one date in file date.log Changes to make the scripts both ksh and bash compatible

Changes in script subchain

  • name MODEL renamed to ACTION
  • new action clean (has the same effect as the former script clean)
  • new action start ("subchain start" starts the chain for the first time)
  • new environment variable BATCH_CMD (command for submitting a batch job)
  • new environment variable ITYPE_INT2LM choose whether to run INT2LM (=1) or use already existing INT2LM output (=0)
  • new environment variables ITYPE_COMPRESS_POST and ITYPE_COMPRESS_ARCH choose compression type of output in post-processing and archiving 0 = no compression 1 = internal compression (compression in netCDF file, requires HDF-lib and z-lib) 2 = external compression (compression with gzip, requires gzip to be installed)
  • new environment variable ITYPE_SAMOA choose SAMOA check (will be ignored, if SAMOA extension is not installed) 0 = no SAMOA check 1 = short SAMOA check (just the output of the last day of the month in each out) 2 = long SAMOA check (all output files will be checked)
  • CCLM can now also be restarted by subchain cclm noprep in case the input data for CCLM already exists
  • HOUT_INC array rewritten
  • and several minor changes

in cclm.job.tmpl

  • include a calculation of dt and rlwidth depending on the grid width (needs python progamming language installed)
  • include an example for interpolation onto specific heights
  • HOUT_INC array rewritten
  • automatic numbering of output files

in arch.job.tmpl

  • include option for compression ITYPE_COMPRESS_ARCH and call of SAMOA ITYPE_SAMOA

in post.job.tmpl

  • include function for time series on height levels
  • a few calculations are performed by python programming language

several minor changes in the .tmpl files

v1.4 2014/02/27

  • CCLM updated to version cosmo_131108_5.00
  • INT2LM updated to version int2lm_131101_2.00_clm1
  • new directory holding extensions for the chain version
  • add the following extensions: SAMOA, time series functions, ERA40/ERAInterim/
  • NCEP1 as boundaries, additional output directory option
  • several small changes
  • removed GRIB library
  • removed SX8-DWD templates

v1.3.2 2013/02/07

  • templates for SX8-DWD updated

v1.3.1 2013/01/09

  • additional format for archive files added

v1.3 2012/10/15

  • CCLM updated to version cosmo_090213_4.8_clm19
  • INT2LM updated to version int2lm_091216_1.10_clm14
  • In "src" stuctured the naming of files similar for cclm,int2lm,grib, and cfu
  • new script to initialize several scripts with the basic directory
  • in "chain": archive (arch.job.tmpl) and post-processing (post.job.tmpl) scripts are combined into one script (post.job.tmpl);
  • nccopy is used for internal compression of output files, this needs netCDF4.

v1.2-extended 2012/02/08 (CK)

  • included COSMO-ART/INT2COSMO-ART for COSMO/CLM trainings course 2012

v1.2 2011/11/02

  • CCLM updated to version cosmo_090213_4.8_clm17
  • INT2LM updated to version int2lm_091216_1.10_clm13
  • changed "/" to "%" in sed command in subchain

v1.1 2011/03/17

  • Documentation added
  • Template for SX8-DWD added

v1.0 2011/02/25

  • POLGAM added in subchain, cclm.job.tmpl, int2lm.job.tmpl
  • Definition of PLEVS in post.job.tmpl corrected
  • Correction for INC_DATE < 01:00:00 in cclm.job.tmpl

v0.9 2011/02/14

  • Version used at the COSMO/CLM trainings course 2011