After unpacking the starter package you will find important directories in cclm-sp/:

  • src/
    This directory contains the source code for INT2LM, CCLM, the auxiliary program package CFU and the SAMOA scripts. Check the file VERSION for the version of the program. Useful informations about the CCLM can be found in the following files:
  • data/
    This directory contains data fields for initial, boundary and external parameters. Initial and boundary data for two months (January and February 2000) from NCEP/ NCAR reanalysis data for test simulations are stored in yourpath/cclm-sp/data/gcm/ncep/. An example external data set containing information on orography, land use, soil, etc. is stored in yourpath/cclm-sp/data/ext/.

  • step-by-step/
    Separate run scripts for simulations of INT2LM and CCLM.

  • chain/
    Run scripts for long-term simulations.