• INC DATE=MM:DD:HH in the file job_settings specifies the time increment for the CCLM job (the other parts of the chain are always monthly !!). Valid values are 01:00:00, 00:01:00, 00:02:00,... ,00:27:00
  • Do not change any files in the directory jobs. This will have no effect, since these files will be overwritten by subchain with the files from the directory templates. If you want to make changes always apply these to the files in templates.
  • It is assumed that not just the login node can submit jobs but also the compute nodes. If this is not the case on your computer system you need to find a work around (e.g. by using the nqwait command on the NEC-SX8).
  • The NCO utilities versions less then 4.2.2. are not CF convention compatible. This concerns the building of time series in post.job.tmpl. If you use a NCO version less than 4.2.2 and want your data to be CF compatible replace
${NCO_BINDIR}/ncks -h -A -d rlon,${NBOUNDCUT},${IESPONGE} -d rlat,${NBOUNDCUT},${JESPONGE} \
-v lon,lat,rotated_pole ${INPDIR}/@{YYYY_MM}/$2/lffd${CURRENT_DATE}.nc \

COORDINATES=$(${NC_BINDIR}/ncdump -h ${INPDIR}/${YYYY_MM}/$2/lffd${CURRENT_DATE}.nc \
| grep $1:coordinates | cut -d’"’ -f2)
if [ "${COORDINATES}" ]
${NCO_BINDIR}/ncatted -h -a coordinates ,$1,o,c,"${COORDINATES}" ${OUTDIR}/${YYYY_MM}/$
COORDINATES=$(echo ${COORDINATES} | tr ' ' ’,’),rotated_pole
${NCO_BINDIR}/ncks -h -A -C -d rlon,${NBOUNDCUT},${IESPONGE} -d rlat,${NBOUNDCUT},${JESPONGE} \