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The test suite is written for the HRLE–3 Mistral at DKRZ. Additional changes need to be applied on other machines. On the Mistral the Simple Linux Utility for Resource Management SLURM ist installed.

To install the starter package, follow these steps:
1. Get the source code
Copy the test suite from RedC.
2. Unpack the test suite
Copy the cclm-ts_1.5.tgz to the path (in the following called yourpath) where you want to run the test suite. At DKRZ it is recommended to use the work disk space.
tar -xzvf cclm-ts_1.5.tgz
This will create a directory cclm-ts_1.5 holding the test suite. You may rename it to a name of your choice. For simplicity we call this directory cclm-ts in this manual.
3. Install supplemental data
The following data sets can be downloaded via the script in the directory scripts

  • Observational data for evaluation in the climatological test suite
  • INT2LM output data for the CCLM standard run in the technical test suite

The following data set is stored at a different place

  • INT2LM output data for the reference run in the climatological test suite.
    At the DKRZ these are stored under the directory /work/gg0302/g266006/ts int2lm/int2lm_2.0_clm4/arch/int002. If you run the test suite at DKRZ and you are member of the group clmcom you are already set. If you are running the test suite on another computer system you need to copy the data to your computer and adopt the environment variable ARCHIVE_INPDIR in accordingly.

 If you need to use different INT2LM data (e.g. due to different namelist settings or you have created a modified INT2LM version) you need to change the ITYPE_INT2LM environment variable in the file job_settings in the climatological test suite to 1 . You have also to make necessary changes in the file prep.job.tmpl . The necessary external data file is in the directory ext

4. Adopt the file names in
If you are running the test suite at DKRZ the settings should be fine already. Otherwise adopt directory and file names in the file.
5. Initialize the package
cd yourpath/cclm-ts 
This will set the help environment variable $TSDIR to yourpath/cclm-ts and replaces all dummy paths in the test suite package by this path. It will also set all environment variables in the package as defined here.

 If you move the whole yourpath/cclm-ts directory to a different yourpath after running you have to change the paths by hand. Look into the script to see which files are affected.

The examples are built in a way that everything will be stored under the directory tree starting with $TSDIR.
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